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Within the area of the Forest District Sława Śląska, every tourist can stop in very interesting nature places, as well as historical ones.

Undoubtedly, it's worth walking around the Local Park in Sława.

It is located within the area of 30 ha and is one of the biggest parks in Lubuskie Province. The park was established in II (the second) half of XIX century as the palace garden  of  Barwitz von Fernemont.

Today, we can walk here along beautiful picturesque alleys with numerous bridges. It is possible to meet squirrels there, which very often run across park alleys. There also live many aquatic and wetland birds and smooth newts, several species of frogs, sand lizard and slow worm.

The substratum of the forest constitutes thick ivy cover. This is the only creeper with evergreen leaves. Over the ivy, there grow different trees, including two pines – the natural monuments. One of them is a record - holder, while considering its trunk measure – about 3,7 m.

There is very interesting trail (with its overall length of 31 km) Sława - Radzyń - Jeziorna - Mesze - Lubiatów - Ciosaniec – Świętno. It starts near Sława old town. Walking along the trawl we can admire beautiful  specimen of tilias and ashes near the forester's lodge „Zwierzyniec". Going this route, we'll reach the nature reserve "Mesze" (see: nature reserves), and then to the village with a very interesting history – Świętno. Świętno was free republic from January 6, 1919 to August 1919. (

For active tourists, there wait many cycling paths, among others route: Lubiatów - Sława of about 10 km long and Lubiatów - Radzyń of about 11 km long.