Forest resources

The forestation of the Forest District Sława Śląska equals 50,8%, while country forestation rate equals - 28,8%, of Lubuskie Provincethe is - 34,6%, and finally the forestation of Regional Directorate of the Forest State in Zielona Góra amounts - 48,9%, what makes really impressive result.


The principal purposes of forest management carried out by the Forest District Sława Śląska are ensuring the sustainability and continuity of forest use, maintaining and improving its natural stability, resistance and vitality.

Forest protection

The forests of the Forest District Sława Śląska are constantly endangered by different biotic, abiotic and antropogenic factors. It results from definite predominance of the pine forest stands ( most often monolithic), which areal share equals 90%.

Forest use

Since ages, people has been using forest, as the place where they derived raw material from – timber, but also forest fruits, mushrooms, herbs, honey, forest peat, clay, as well as meat, hides and bones of animals.

Forest management

Forest management in State Forests is based on the Forest Management Plans created for the Forest District once per 10 years. They are prepared for the State Forests by specialised units, among others by The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL). The Forest Management Plans are approved by the Minister for the Environment after consultations with society.


Hunting is the set of thought-out, planned and coordinated actions, which aim is to execute rational management of hunting game species according to regulations on nature conservation.