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The forests of the Forest District Sława Śląska are constantly endangered by different biotic, abiotic and antropogenic factors. It results from definite predominance of the pine forest stands ( most often monolithic), which areal share equals 90%.

Forest protectionis a branch of forest economy responsible for forest protection against the following factors:

●      biotic (caused by  animate nature factors),

●      abiotic (caused by  inanimate nature factors),

●      antropogenic (damages caused by people).


The forests of the Forest District Sława Śląska are included to I (the first highest) category of fires protection and to 21st zone of  fire hazard occurrence forecasting.

The factors forming the fire hazard in the Forest District are the following:

·         composition of the forest stand species and their age  (homogeneity of forest stands),

·         type of the soil cover (where the sward of forest cover is in favour of the spread of fires),

·         the network of communication trails(through the area of the Forest District, there runs the network of communication trails of the total length 200 km, often led through forest territories or through the neighbouring areas),

·         tourist attractiveness.

Alert and Disposition Post (Polish abbreviation PAD)

Within the period of time : from March to 30 September

Telephone number: 683-566-782