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Forest education is conducted in the Forest District Sława Śląska by qualified and competent workers of the Forest District. Educational classes take place both in the seat of the Forest District in Sława, in schools, as well as in the same forest in a direct contact with nature. In educational purposes, there are used natural values of nature occurring within the area of the Forest District Sława Śląska, and in case of chamber classes, there are used audiovisual materials, mind maps, books, atlases and other teaching aids.

Educational classes are always suited to the knowledge, the age and interests of particular group of participants.

The greater part of classes in the open air take place on two educational trails „Wzgórza Pszczółkowskie (Pszczółkowskie Hills)" and „Lekcja biologii inaczej (Biology Lesson )". Moreover, if some interested group has got a wish, the classes are organised in the area of the nature reserves „Mesze Lake" and „Święte Lake".

There are exemplary subjects of chamber classes for school groups:

·         From a seed to a tree, that is the forest comes into being'

  • ABC of forest walker, that is how not to get lost in the forest,
  • "Mushrooms were in abundance..." – safe mushroom picking,
  • What we can and we cannot do during the forest trips'
  • "Why does one smoke?" – about causes of fires in forests,
  • "Truncheon, match, two sticks" – the wood around us,
  • Nature preservation – what else, what for and why?

Four season of the year in forest.