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On the area of Sława Forest District 33 nature monuments exist, 29 of animate and 4 of inanimate nature.

There are 11 sessile oaks in the following sub-districts: Gola, Sabinówa, Strzeszków, Przydroże; 3 small-leaved limes in sub-districts of: Świętobór, Sabinówka; 4 European ashes: Świętobór, Sabinówka, Tarnów sub-districts; 5 European beeches in Tarnów and Dąbrówno sub-districts; 2 Scots pines in Tarnów, Polanica sub-districts; common juniper in Wilcze sub-district; 4 erratic boulders in Stare Strącze, Przydoże and Polanica sub-districts.