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The area of Sława Śląska Forest District is included in four areas of protected landscape.

  • "Obrzyca and Obra Troughs" on the area of Bojadła, Kargowa, Kolsko and Nowa Sól communes of 23 375 ha,
  • "Sława and Przemęt Lake District" on the area of Kolsko, Nowa Sól, Sława and Wschowa communes of 15 090 ha
  • "The Nowa Sól Valley of Odra River" on the area of Bojadła, Nowa Sól and Siedlisko communes of 9 852 ha.
  • "Pojezierze Sławskie, Pradolina Obry i Rynna Zbąszyńska"

In total, around 35% of the Sława Śląska Forest District area is located within the protected landscape lands.